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Pre-Purchase Survey

Pre-purchase Survey is normally carried out by the purchaser, and its purpose is to establish the overall condition of the vessel in terms of defects, maintenence, quality of build and to identify and assess any significant past repairs, damage or other factors in the structure or systems affecting the integrity, safety or seaworthiness of the vessel.


Pre-purchase Survey includes a detailed list of deficiencies, specifications, valuation and equipment list, this survey analyses and reports on the complete vessel and her equipment in sections:


- Hull, deck and superestructure.

- Engines , generators and fuel system.

- Steering, stern gear and skin fittings

- Safety equipment.

- Water systems.

- Electric systems AC /DC

- Bilges and bilge pumps.

- Rig and rigging (for sail vessels).

- Accommodation and systems.

- Sea trail....




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